USB-C 20W Power Adapter – MX-HC142

USB-C 20W Power Adapter – MX-HC142

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LKR 1,140.00

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Revolutionize Your Charging Experience with the MOXOM MX-HC142 USB-C 20W Power Adapter!

Introducing the MOXOM MX-HC142, your passport to fast and efficient charging. This 20W Power Adapter is a game-changer, providing a quick and reliable power boost for your USB-C devices.

🔋 Ultra-Fast Charging: Experience the pinnacle of charging technology with the MOXOM MX-HC142. This power adapter delivers a blazing-fast 20W of power, ensuring your devices charge in record time. Say goodbye to long waiting periods and hello to instant power when you need it most.

🌐 Universal Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a variety of USB-C devices, the MOXOM MX-HC142 is your all-in-one charging solution. From smartphones to tablets, laptops, and more, this power adapter ensures seamless compatibility with all your USB-C gadgets.

💡 Smart Charging Technology: Equipped with intelligent charging technology, the MX-HC142 adapts to your device’s power requirements, optimizing the charging process for maximum efficiency. Charge your devices quickly and safely without compromising their battery life.


Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast 20W charging
  • Universal compatibility
  • Smart charging technology
  • Compact and portable design
  • Built-in safety features
  • Sleek aesthetics, robust build
  • Plug and play convenience

Upgrade your charging game with the MOXOM MX-HC142 USB-C 20W Power Adapter. Fast, efficient, and reliable – power up your devices with confidence. Order now and experience the future of charging!


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